I do not know what you are looking for, what made you visit this page, and even take the pain of reading this right now. May be you are drained of seeing what is happening around you. May be you just do not care. May be we are in a completely different frame of mind, but this moment when you read me is our moment of overlap.

What ever is your reality from whichever part of the world, one thing is certainly going to stay with you: You are going to live here and whatever happens around you is going to impact every single breath of yours and your loved ones.

This is blunt, harsh, and closest to the reality.

I am no writer. The only reason why I write is because I have to. Because I do not know of any other medium that will make me talk to you, put forward my inhibitions, fear and anxiety in front of you about the world we are living in right now and the world we will leave for our future generations.

Be it education, environmental sustainability, politics, human rights, animal rights- I specialize in none. But I do not think one has to. To be able to think rationally and be considerate about nature & fellow human beings what we need is simple humaneness, determination and a critical mind.

Most of these writings come from daily observations, confrontations, issues seen and felt at the grassroots where-ever my work base is setup at that point of time.

For you, Language can be a friend or a foe as I write mostly in Hindi, rarely in English too. I am sure it doesn’t stop us from connecting, as opposed to what the current propaganda for homogeneity claims.


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