Commentary: Killing the Constitutional Fundamental Human Rights Is No Prerogative of A Government And Its Followers

Starting from controlling what should people eat, defining what is culturally fit & ‘Indian’, to curbing  the intellectual freedom and freedom of expression in FTII, IIT Madras, HCU, JNU, and now DU and in public discourse the present government is creating a farce under the name of Nationalism and Economic Growth.

The Prime Minister’s recent speech mocking the economists and calling for sloganeering of Hard Work is better than Harvard is certainly based on that immature assumption that whoever is criticizing the Government and its policies are doing so just for the sake of it or because someone is Anti-BJP (read Anti-National). We are a socialist country, hence are duty bound to work tirelessly towards bringing a Harvard Professor and a Farmer to the same level (not precisely going into defining this level as of now). Was this the question our PM was responding to?  Is Mr. PM the only representative to this duty?
A clear No.

The present government with its fascist forces looks committed to creating a narrative of distrust towards anyone who criticizes the establishment responsibly or irresponsibly, with arguments or without them. The actions creating this narrative are not in spirit of the nation’s vision that its founding members upheld through its constitution.

Right now the curb on free speech in India and suffocation across our University campuses and homes is not just unfortunate, it is extremely dangerous for the fundamental roots of our democracy.

The way dissent is being handled and ‘man’handled is the irony of the times we are living in.
You might disagree with me, but that is exactly what democracy allows us to do peacefully.
It is a fight of ideas and ideals and not a mockery through violence and hypocrisy.

A girl who stood alone against the Gundaism of student and national politics was trolled, abused and threatened with rape.

In a recent event I faced ‘death’ threats by an ex-‘classmate’, using terms like,”Tum jaiso ko to Goli maar deni chahiye” and my citizenship was virtually snatched by hurling calls of “Go to Pakistan.” Hurling verbal abuse is becoming another normal on the social media. On mentioning that I can lodge an FIR under the IT act 2000 was when this nonsense stopped.

But, can IT Act 2000 change the mindset of people? Can it create the environment and culture of healthy debate among the youth, citizens in rural and urban areas? It certainly cannot. BUT WE CAN.

Recently a face book user, a learned (?) person in his 50s or 60s, who has certainly lived in this country more than I have, made some exceptionally irresponsible remarks on a post I shared. His facts were completely one sided (efforts to create a one sided narrative).
He declared  me as a communist and tried to shove this ideology as part of my belief.

I deem it important to share his comment and my reply to that comment. It is important to understand that the argument is not about Right, Left or Centre politics, it is about the fundamentals that this country looked forward to and how are they being shaken by an imperialist of a Government and its blind followers like him.

The Transcript of my conversation with Mr. Pramod Gupta: Dated 28th Febraury 2017.

Mr. Pramod Gupta:

  1. Varun sharma your teachings are too laughable .. You by your diatribe cant fool the Nation.. Umar khalid may be your icon , who challnges India’s sovereignty , not Nation’s .. Communists stand exposed globally as most dreaded dictators , your naive arguments shrouding the fact and happenings Nation is well aware of .
  2. “Gurmehar by her own admission , apparently turns out to be a left agent , backing national deserters , and those swear to break India , and challenge its sovereignty , a sad state her diatribe speaks high about left strategies of mongering falsehood , confuse people .. Her claim of all students of India are with her , shows her true color well challenged by mostly female response beneath her assertions damning her for grossly compromising her Father’s statesmanship , with The goons clan challenging India sovereignty.”
  3. true colors of communists..
    Nationalism as a concept alien to communism. For a communist, Ideology comes first before country. For several Years, they had difficulty accepting India as a single country, they used to call India a confederation of nations.
    So it is not surprising that the communists called all national heroes name- Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Bose, Jaya Prakash Narain to name a few. Sabotaged the Quit movement, refused to accept India’s freedom, started an armed rebellion against the Indian state, sided with China in the Sino-Indian conflict in 1962, supported the Emergency and press censorship in 1975, criticized Pokharan-II etc.
    However, the most subversive role of the communist movement has been providing philosophical and intellectual underpinning to all such anti-national movements. CPI leadership supported the two nation theory thus Pakistan demand of the Muslim league. They even accepted Sikhs Demand for separate homeland.
    Communists role during Quit India Movement is well Known. The role of CPI during China war is more Disgusting. It ranged from Declaring “Chairman Mao, Our Chairman” to Giving overt and covert support to china.

My Reply to Mr. Pramod Gupta:
“1. Galileo after his scientific observations once said that it is not the sun that revolves around the earth, it is in reality the earth that revolves around the sun. He was talking against Geocentrism, the most revered idea of the times. His teachings were called laughable. You studied the same laughable reality as part of your curriculum and I teach the same ‘Sir’. I teach Geography, Civics and Maths these days and people who know me well, they know about what I stand for. For you: I stand for Constitutional Values and Rights.

2. The moment you call someone a Left agent and at the same time tear her apart from the right to be her father’s daughter, does that infer you to be a right agent or a goon? Sadly this is the political dichotomy of my times. Why can’t I go beyond all and criticize them? After all the constitution also talks about fostering the scientific mindset.

So sad, if you were stalking my profile, you should have taken pain to read it carefully. It says, I am an egalitarian and not a communist. You at least sound like a learned man, hope you understand what does it stand for.
You are self proclaiming me as a communist. In the future if I chose to be one, my constitution clearly allows me to do that.

For your hungry soul, please read these again for reference:…/advani…/article7330590.ece

Does the ruling party has the guts to accept its bounty full of mistakes, like the CPI did publicly through the above article for supporting Emergency? Starting from not playing any role in the freedom struggle & rather abandoning it, assassinating Gandhi, for most of the communal riots that happened from the very moment of independent India, for Masjid and Mandir Politics etc. (I am being lazy not to quote them name by name).

Adding to your vast knowledge both, CPI and RSS-Hindu Mahasabha (under the leadership of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee) denounced the Quit India Movement, probably not well known. The CPI did apologize for it and calls it a “Big Blunder of 1942” on their publicly accessible page.
Has RSS ever apologized for anything as evil and perilous as this?

Hence #DemandForAzadi!”


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